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NumberDate StartedMissionPlayersTurn (Max)Waiting On
1(52471)06/08/2022Rescue from the MinesGame not started yet1 (30)Waiting for both players
2(53344)24/12/2023The Assassinsspace invader, modernboy_1 (20)Waiting for both players
3(53517)21/01/2024Underground ColonyDrigert, +BEAR+, thrashbarg, petermock76 (-1)petermock
4(53617)23/02/2024Sterner's RevengeSammuS, deniso1 (30)deniso
5(53618)23/02/2024OuthousesSammuS, SteveSmith6 (13)SammuS
6(53622)23/02/2024Alien Colony*free palestine., Chris1977, RABID, petermock49 (-1)free palestine.
7(53636)29/02/2024Moonbase AssaultPlayer Whitehouse11, SteveSmith1 (30)Player Whitehouse11
8(53637)29/02/2024The Assassinsshangtsung, SteveSmith1 (20)shangtsung
9(53708)06/04/2024Moonbase AssaultDrakester, mirkiov3 (30)Drakester
10(53722)09/04/2024The Blob AssassinsGame not started yet1 (20)Waiting for both players
11(53726)09/04/2024Small Underground ColonyRABID, Gooey Blob, free palestine., xeno2 (-1)free palestine.
12(53727)09/04/2024Rebelstar - The Old BaseRABID, xeno9 (30)xeno
13(53728)11/04/2024Practise Mission with AISammuS, AI1 (20)SammuS
14(53729)11/04/2024ReanimatorGame not started yet1 (20)Waiting for both players
15(53730)12/04/2024Practise Mission with AIPlayer Whitehouse11, AI1 (20)Player Whitehouse11
16(53731)12/04/2024Sniper's ParadiseGame not started yet1 (20)Waiting for both players
17(53732)12/04/2024Moonbase AssaultGame not started yet1 (30)Waiting for both players
18(53733)12/04/2024The AssassinsGame not started yet1 (20)Waiting for both players
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