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The Stealth Assassins

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Sterner Regnix is wanted for crimes against humanity. The only lead on his location is a moonbase on Berengaria VP-178. He is due to be picked-up by his loyal son and this is the only opportunity to end his reign of terror. There is no time for half-measures: Sterner Regnix must be assassinated!

Side 1:
The Laser Squad win by killing Sterner Regnix before the time runs out. He is the enemy wearing white. He is initially contained inside the house. If he escapes the house, it will make finding him much harder.

Side 2:
If Sterner Regnix (the one dressed in white) survives to the end of the game or kills all of the Laser Squad, he will win.

This mission is almost identical to The Assassins, with the exception that most of the explosive-type weapons are unavailable.


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