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Stellar Forces is a turn-based multi-player squad strategy game.

Take control of an elite squad and defeat opponents in one of 100+ missions. Choose what to equip them with, where to deploy them, and then use whatever strategy and tactics you want to ensure victory.

Once you have registered using the PC or Android app, you can play as many games as you want. This game has no adverts and no in-app purchases.

This game is played in a casual way. Once you have taken your turn, your opponent is notified by e-mail that it is now their turn. However, they may not take it straight away. Typically, expect to take a turn and then wait about a day to take your next turn. Of course, you can play as many concurrent games as you can handle if you get bored in the meantime!

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Recent Victories

01 Oct 2020 09:56: xeno (The Omni Corp) has defeated Drigert, RABID, Henry's Cat in Battle Royale (practise)

01 Oct 2020 08:03: Drigert, SteveSmith (Sterner Regnix) has defeated RABID, Socrates in The Assassins 2v2

01 Oct 2020 08:02: RABID (The Assassins) has defeated MelexKrieger2 (The Fugitives) in The Assassins

01 Oct 2020 07:32: Dijon_p (The Cleaners) has defeated Drigert (The Psychic) in All Seeing Eye

01 Oct 2020 05:59: Drigert (The Assassins) has defeated robsraiders (The Rescuers) in Crash Site

Recent Posts

Underground Colony

That should help Steve.
Posted by xeno 4 hours ago

Still cant shoot straight

Ca you let me know when this game has finished and I'll take a look at the playback.
Posted by SteveSmith 10 hours ago

Underground Colony

I've just updated the server and increased all the unit's morale, so panicking should be very rare if not impossible now.
Posted by SteveSmith 2 days ago

Still cant shoot straight

Looks like they held their shots until they had the opportunity to shoot Sterner. :p
Posted by xeno 3 days ago

Still cant shoot straight

Game just finished...outhouses.... no opertunity fire by enemy even when I walked infront? but then I move sterner and they shoot him? . Steve Smith can you take a look ....bit weird
Posted by robsraiders 3 days ago

Posted by Rost310 4 days ago

Game 49910: Dijon_p, Rost310 in 'Alien'

Ha ha, I've just seen this. Your dog got his revenge! Well done.
Posted by Dijon_p 4 days ago

Game 49910: Dijon_p, Rost310 in 'Alien'

It was like this: I was walking my dog in a quiet area when the hooligans started throwing Molotov cocktails. At first, my dog was almost set on fire, and then, when I began to run away, they killed me. I didn't touch anyone and didn't want to offend anyone. I am simply torn apart by this injustice. Don't be offended that my angry dog is now hunting your ass.
Posted by Rost310 5 days ago

Still cant shoot straight

First time I've ever played someone who's used it (cyber hoardes) very effective at eating through armour LOL
Posted by robsraiders 5 days ago

Still cant shoot straight

Err, it's a special "acidic" nerve gas that eats through metal? :) I'll have a look...
Posted by SteveSmith 6 days ago

Still cant shoot straight

@Steve...... nerve gas hurts battle droids and robots?
Posted by robsraiders 6 days ago

Still cant shoot straight

I always use Aimed Shot, unless my unit hasn't got enough APs, in which case I use the next best, but only as a last resort. Or if the enemy unit is close enough, I walk up to them and use an autoshot.
Posted by SteveSmith 6 days ago

Posted by RABID 7 days ago

Still cant shoot straight

Its just frustrating losing games after firing dozens of shots and hitting walls. The accuracy on this game needs completely overhauling. Currently playing "crash site".... if any of my squad could shoot straight the ambassador would be dead several times over.... most games just become random luck and I feel it takes the skill out of the game. Dont get me wrong I've played games where I felt sorry for the other player who's turn it was to fire dozens of rounds point blank and miss. Just seems so random.
Posted by robsraiders 7 days ago

Underground Colony

Yeah, I'm not a fan of it. I can tolerate it in games where the unit numbers are small, but not large unit numbers when lots can suddenly panic and you get a chain reaction.
Posted by xeno 8 days ago

Latest Player Awards

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Dijon_pAward for Success is 99% failure (Soichiro Honda) Rost310
xenoAward for Winning the 2019 Campaign!SteveSmith
Rost310Award for Winning the 2019 Campaign!SteveSmith
petermockAward for Winning the 2019 Campaign!SteveSmith
RABIDAward for For playing campaign alone...EvilDick

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