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Alien Egg

A deadly Alien threatens the crew of the Starship Nostromo after they brought it onboard as an egg from a remote planet. The crew have only a handful of weapons and know the only way to beat the Alien is to destroy the Nostromo! The reactor computer will trigger this and the scout ship Narcissus will be the means for the humans to escape. But to reach the computer the team have to go through the Alien's lair!

To add to the crew's troubles, one of the crew members, Dr Ash, turns out to be an corporate android. It will work with the Alien to ensure the crew fail so that it can deliver the Alien specimen back to the Corporation directly.

(Note: Remember, to win the crew need to destroy the reactor computer at the bottom of the map before escaping in the shuttle. The crew only have 30 credits, enough for 2 cheap guns. You will need a gun to destroy the reactor computer. Don't waste your credits on armour, it really won't help you.)

Also, the Alien can hear any unit from 15 squares away!

Side 1:
The Nostromo Crew will win if they destroy the reactor computer and at least one of them makes it to the escape shuttle alive.

Side 2:
The Alien (and Dr Ash) will win if all of the Nostromo crew are killed.

Mission created by Deadlime (Linden Clarke)


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