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Colonization is a different type of mission in Stellar Forces, as it has installations that can be built. The following is a brief rundown of the instructions:-

* Each player starts with 4 engineers. They are just like normal units except they (and only they) can build installations.
* The winner is the last player with any units (engineers or clones).
* Installations cost resource points to build. Resource points are acquired by an engineer dismantling a wall or installation.
* It costs Clone Generators 2 Resource Points to perform its function, and all the other cost 1 Resource Point. Every other turn, each installation will perform its function if the player has enough Resource Points. i.e. the clone generator will generate a clone, the gun machine will generate a gun etc...
* Medi-Bays are an exception, and will perform their action at the end of every turn.
* An installation will not perform its function if there is already a 'product' in the same square, e.g. if there is a unit standing in a clone generator or a piece of equipment in a Gun Vending Machine.
* Installations will re-imburse the player with one less resource points when dismantled as they cost to build, e.g. you will only get 5 resource points for dismantling a Clone Generator. The exception is walls, as they only cost 1 point to build.
* Installations can be dismantled by clones, but no Resource Points will be gained.
* All clones have exactly the same stats. Each side can only have a maximum of 16 units. Once this is reached, no more units will be created for that side.
* Medi bay will fully restore a unit's health.
* Any guns without ammo that are lying on the ground are removed from the game.
* There are 5 different types of installation:
- Clone Generator - 6 resource points to build, costs 2 RPs to create a clone.
- Gun Vending Machine - 5 resource points to build, costs 1 RP to create a clone.
- Grenade Vending Machine - 5 resource points to build, costs 1 RP to create a clone.
- Medi-bay - 5 resource points to build, free to reinstate health.
- Wall - 1 resource points to build.

The winner is the last colony with any units remaining.


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