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Stellar Forces is a turn-based multi-player squad strategy game.

Take control of an elite squad and defeat opponents in one of 100+ missions. Choose what to equip them with, where to deploy them, and then use whatever strategy and tactics you want to ensure victory.

Once you have registered using the PC or Android app, you can play as many games as you want. This game has no adverts and no in-app purchases.

This game is played in a casual way. Once you have taken your turn, your opponent is notified by e-mail that it is now their turn. However, they may not take it straight away. Typically, expect to take a turn and then wait about a day to take your next turn. Of course, you can play as many concurrent games as you can handle if you get bored in the meantime!

Now running for over 10 years!

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Recent Victories

30 Jun 2022 12:42: Battlestar Buxton, LJ2020 (The Assassins 1) has defeated King Ginge M, J in Escort 2v2

30 Jun 2022 05:03: drongo58 (Renegade Squad) has defeated Dijon_p (Laser Squad) in Last Man Standing

29 Jun 2022 20:01: thrashbarg (Cadavers) has defeated drongo58 (Research Monitors) in Reanimator

27 Jun 2022 07:01: Rost310 (The Prison Guards) has defeated drongo58 (The Hostages) in Rescue from the Mines

26 Jun 2022 22:42: Ethereal Slayer (Cadavers) has defeated drongo58 (Research Monitors) in Reanimator (practise)

Top players

Last calculated on 01 Jul 2022 15:02

5Battlestar Buxton121
6Ethereal Slayer105
9King Ginge M69
Recent Posts

Death Grenades

I see! Thanks Steve. Think I was just unlucky in the moments I had and got explosions more rarely. I don't know why I had an idea they exploded 100% of times at least if caught in the ground zero of the explosion, like for example the death grenade.
Posted by Socrates 5 days ago

Death Grenades

I've just discovered that in the Android , the incendiary grenades *do* have a 50% chance of exploding just like other grenade types. For some reason I missed them out in the PC client. (Does anyone use the PC client?)
Posted by SteveSmith 5 days ago

Death Grenades

Anhhh ok! I definitely noticied that nerve grenades always explode.. incendiary never do, and the "regular" just sometimes. Would be logical that they all explode when affected by a death grenade being carried by the soldier? I don't know if makes sense or other players agree.
Posted by Socrates 6 days ago

Death Grenades

There's a 50% chance that any type of grenade that is caught in an explosion, will also explode. Except for Incendiary grenades, which I've just noticed aren't covered.
Posted by SteveSmith 6 days ago

Death Grenades

@Steve, returning to this topic, I'm trying to understand what types of "other" grenades carried by a soldier, are triggered, after his death grenade explodes. Apparently some are effected by an explosion, while others stay unaltered.
Posted by Socrates 6 days ago

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thrashbarg has won the Honourary Laser Squad Trophy!

Previous winner: Ethereal Slayer won the Punctured Heart Medal

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