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Stellar Forces is a turn-based multi-player squad strategy game.

Take control of an elite squad and defeat opponents in one of 100+ missions. Choose what to equip them with, where to deploy them, and then use whatever strategy and tactics you want to ensure victory.

Once you have registered using the PC or Android app, you can play as many games as you want. This game has no adverts and no in-app purchases.

This game is played in a casual way. Once you have taken your turn, your opponent is notified by e-mail that it is now their turn. However, they may not take it straight away. Typically, expect to take a turn and then wait about a day to take your next turn. Of course, you can play as many concurrent games as you can handle if you get bored in the meantime!

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8Ja Javi394

Recent Victories

19 Nov 2019 17:12: RABID (Globex Industries) has defeated free palestine., xeno, henoh in Underground Colony (practise)

19 Nov 2019 17:03: xeno (The Defenders) has defeated Dijon_p (The Saboteurs) in Meltdown (campaign)

18 Nov 2019 18:01: Rost310 (Laser Squad) has defeated Alecs, SteveSmith, EvilDick in SNAFU: Sabotage

18 Nov 2019 17:06: Rost310 (The Prison Guards) has defeated EvilDick (The Prisoners) in Breakout (campaign)

18 Nov 2019 13:46: Rost310 (The Defenders) has defeated henoh (The Attackers) in Moonbase Clash (campaign)

Recent Posts

New Campaign 2019

If we do the Campaign in the New Year, Lab attack 2 V 2 player contest could fill the gap nicely between now and then or whenever Steve can set it up? Is everyone up for a 2 V 2 Lab Attack knock out contest?
Posted by petermock 1 days ago

New Campaign 2019

Start a the next one in the new year perhaps? Maybe also a lab 2v2 contest like I suggested years back and we played the one year. It was a knockout competition, home and away so to speak, with a semi final and final.
Posted by xeno 2 days ago

New Campaign 2019

Yes I think the rules are close to perfect now: the 3 days, a new random mission after a sector is taken, not being able to attack a sector directly after you lose it, so you don't get the repetitive battles with the same person over the same sector and same mission. And the time limit for the campaign overall. If my memory serves me correctly, didn't a campaign about 3 years ago go on for 5 months!
Posted by xeno 2 days ago

Posted by petermock 2 days ago

New Campaign 2019

Yep I liked the mission mix and the random new mission offered up in each sector when a gane is over. Keeps it fresh. 3 days also feels right. I reckon we can start the next Campaign soon.
Posted by petermock 2 days ago

New Campaign 2019

HC you kicked my butt. Very strong attacks.
Posted by petermock 2 days ago

New Campaign 2019

That should be a MORE varied mix.
Posted by xeno 2 days ago

New Campaign 2019

@HC, yes agree, a varied mix is another likely reason.
Posted by xeno 2 days ago

New Campaign 2019

A 2 week warning with an auto end date sounds good Steve!
Posted by petermock 2 days ago

New Campaign 2019

@Peter, good idea about the "2 weeks left" warning. For the next campaign, I might make it end automatically after a certain amount of time.
Posted by SteveSmith 2 days ago

New Campaign 2019

Yes well played Marsec chaps, I enjoyed this campaign the most out of any of them. Good mix of missions and 3 days per attack worked well
Posted by Henry's Cat 2 days ago

New Campaign 2019

Thanks Steve and Grim. Enjoyed this campaign more than any other. Maybe because we won, but have won previously. So not sure. The rules are now almost perfect so that probably has a lot to do with it
Posted by xeno 2 days ago

New Campaign 2019

Cheers Rabid.
Posted by xeno 2 days ago

New Campaign 2019

Very well played Pete,rosti and xeno!!! Congrats on winning :-)
Posted by RABID 4 days ago

New Campaign 2019

Agreed, congratulations!
Posted by Grim Jard 4 days ago

Latest Player Awards

ToAward NameFrom
xenoAward for Winning the 2019 Campaign!SteveSmith
Rost310Award for Winning the 2019 Campaign!SteveSmith
petermockAward for Winning the 2019 Campaign!SteveSmith
RABIDAward for For playing campaign alone...EvilDick
Dijon_pAward for For persistence to win mission 26 as a fugative (side 2)...EvilDick

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